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Here’s All You Need to Know About a Career in Logistics

Posted on April 2022

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​Most people have a general idea of what the logistics industry involves. However, if you’re planning a career in logistics then it’s important to understand this on a more in-depth level, from the relationships you’ll need to develop with suppliers, the focus on customer needs, to the costs that are involved in transporting goods and materials. We are logistics headhunters with all the experience you need to secure your chosen career in logistics.

  • Logistics underpins the economy. In fact, there are few industries that don’t rely on it in some way. Any enterprise that is making or selling products, or supplying raw materials, is going to require logistics in order to ensure that it can manufacture items and then transport those to the end-user. So, this is a career path with a wealth of opportunities.

  • Employment prospects for logisticians are robust. As a logistics headhunter, we’re able to see the potential that currently exists for those who have skills in this field. Projections for logistics careers show 4% growth between now and 2029, and there are new opportunities arising all the time.

  • A logistics career could take place in a variety of different settings. For example, you might be working in a factory or an office, or a mobile location such as a delivery center. When you’re looking at the desirable role in a logistics career, it’s a good idea to be clear about the environments in which you'd prefer to work.

  • Qualifications are a key step. Due to the increasing complexity of logistics work, there are minimum requirements in terms of qualifications for many roles (e.g., a bachelor's degree). Plus, employers are always keen to see evidence of a candidate who is motivated to learn and develop through acquiring qualifications and training.

  • Like any high-pressure job, there can be challenging moments. Working as a logistics headhunter, we know how much employers value competencies such as flexibility and adaptability under pressure. That’s because a career in logistics can be high-pressure and mean tackling some challenging situations that can quickly unfold. Logisticians have responsibility for consequences right along the supply chain, and if something happens to disrupt operations there can be a big impact on the bottom line.

  • The best way to approach a career in logistics is to see the holistic picture. This is an incredibly valuable attribute, as it means that you’re not only able to effectively do your own job, but also see where it fits in terms of the broader supply chain. There are courses and training available that can help you to get a clearer idea of the way that your role impacts others and how an effective logistician can make a difference.

Being a logistics headhunter means that we are ideally positioned to support those keen to begin, or develop, a career in this field. If you are looking to progress your career in logistics, take a look at our live roles or submit your CV today.​