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The Most Important Skills You Need to Take Your Logistics Career to the Next Level

Posted on April 2022

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​When it comes to developing a logistics career, there are a number of key skills that are vital to have. As a logistics recruiter, we have inside knowledge in terms of what it takes to succeed in this industry. It’s not just a case of being able to demonstrate the right spread of qualifications and experience, but also to show different capabilities and qualities that will ensure you stand out to a logistics recruiter or hiring manager. We've highlighted some of the key skills to note below:

  • Big picture thinking. In any supply chain environment, it’s going to be vital to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Critical thinking, planning ahead, and problem-solving are all key here; from creating contingency plans to being able to identify problematic areas before they arise.

  • Relentless integrity. This means honesty at every level, from customer communication to internal feedback. Instead of covering up issues within the business, strong integrity will ensure that these are quickly dealt with. It’s a crucial quality that hiring managers value highly amongst staff.

  • Being able to respond well under pressure. Working in the supply chain means being able to function effectively in what is often a fast-paced and high-pressure environment. There are serious consequences that can be triggered by problems - such as the costs incurred if a manufacturing line doesn’t have the right materials and has to shut down - and so a calm approach under pressure is essential.

  • The ability to be flexible and adapt. These are qualities we see prioritized often as a logistics recruiter. Change is constant in an industry like logistics; to take your career to the next level it’s essential to demonstrate the ability to adapt when that happens.

  • Exceptional problem-solving ability. It’s one thing to be book smart, but in many logistics roles it’s practical problem-solving expertise that is actually far more valuable. There are many different elements to being an effective problem solver, from analysis and psychology to being able to apply operational data and business development knowledge.

  • A focus on improvement. If you’re keen to take your logistics career to the next level then you need to help the business evolve. A big part of this is having a good grasp of the company’s goals so that you can create opportunities for improvement. This is a key skill that we are often asked to identify as a logistics recruiter, especially by businesses that are focused on growth.

  • Effective management. That could be time management, project management, or people management. Taking your logistics career to the next level will mean being able to plan your time and tasks, being organized and detail-oriented, and being able to coordinate between different teams and people.

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