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What Are the Questions That Manufacturing Hiring Managers Are Asking?

Posted on April 2022

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​Interviewing for manufacturing jobs today means being prepared to answer a range of competency-based questions. This is essentially the skillset that you’ll be using to apply knowledge, expertise, and experience to the role. Being able to provide examples of the way you have used specific competencies in previous manufacturing jobs is going to be essential, so it’s vital to have some understanding of the questions that hiring managers are likely to ask.

How have you demonstrated leadership in a previous role? This is a key question for hiring managers, who will be looking for evidence that a candidate can lead a team, particularly in challenging situations. There could be a number of different variations on a leadership capability question, including how you’d monitor the performance of your team, cope with challenging circumstances, or the techniques you use to motivate people.

  • Do you work well as part of a team? Being able to work well in a team is vital in manufacturing jobs. Hiring managers will be looking for evidence that you understand what makes a team function well and that you can demonstrate experience you’ve had in a team dynamic.

  • How do you approach problem-solving? If there is one way to make yourself stand out during the interview process for manufacturing jobs, it’s to be able to demonstrate your creative problem-solving skills. Hiring managers are looking for people who will bring ideas to the table and who will be able to find workable solutions under pressure, perhaps to avoid problems in the supply chain causing delays and disruption. The key is to relay examples of how you’ve reacted in a real-life situation where you were faced with a problem and had to think on your feet.

  • What’s your approach to detail? Questions about attention to detail are intended to highlight how well you’re able to take the big picture and break it down into the small details that are often so important in manufacturing jobs. Hiring managers will also want to know whether you can work under their own team to ensure that tasks are completed or if you’ll need to be supervised to ensure that details are taken care of.

  • How would you rate your communication skills? What the hiring manager is really asking here is examples of times when you’ve used your communication skills to improve a situation or solve a problem. Businesses function best when teams work seamlessly, and for that, there needs to be effective communication. It’s not just about being able to show that you have the expertise and experience for the role, but also that you have the right combination of interpersonal skills that will make you a contributing member of the business and part of a positive culture. This could be something as simple as using your skills to preserve an ongoing relationship with a client or manager.

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