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Procurement Recruiter

Robust supply chains are essential to economic progress, not just when it comes to expansion but also with respect to surviving challenges. DSJ Global has extensive experience as a procurement recruiter, built on years of supporting businesses throughout this sector when it comes to finding future-defining talent. The firm was established in 2008, and has helped industry-leading procurement and supply chain teams grow across a number of different sectors. Today DSJ Global is a leading specialist recruitment agency for supply chain professionals with an extensive history of connecting our clients with top end-to-end supply chain professionals around the world.

Specialist recruitment support

 DSJ Global is a specialist recruiter in the procurement space with a broad global reach, and a wealth of experience in talent acquisition in this field. Consultants work out of the firm’s global hubs positioned in key locations all over the world. All are highly trained on an ongoing basis and work with best-in-class recruitment technology that ensures cutting edge support so that clients and candidates can make connections that enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve. The team at DSJ Global understands the pressure on organizations today to ensure strong and effective teams at every stage of the supply chain and has the insight and connections to help ensure that enterprises have the talent that they need to move forward.

Streamlining recruitment

As a specialist leading recruiter in end-to-end supply chain, DSJ Global has changed the way that both businesses and professionals experience the process of recruitment. Both are empowered to make genuinely well-informed decisions about key next steps and the process is streamlined and efficient. DSJ Global consultants are at the heart of a global network of candidates and connections across the industry and have the resources and expertise to simplify what’s involved in meeting essential hiring needs. The firm has experience as a procurement recruiter to a wide range of different organizations. As part of the Phaidon International group, DSJ Global is the go-to recruiter of choice for many world leading companies.

Broad sector coverage

DSJ Global is a procurement and supply chain recruiter with a broad reach - these are some of the areas of coverage that the firm provides:

  • Supply chain including inventory management, materials management and demand and supply planning.

  • Procurement, from category and commodity management to strategic sourcing, purchasing and procurement excellence.

  • Technical operations, such as quality, engineering, manufacturing, plant management and production.

  • Logistics and operations, including imports and exports, distribution, transportation, customs clearance and warehousing.

DSJ Global supports effective talent acquisition across all of these key areas in end-to-end supply chain recruitment. Permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions enable organizations to connect with the right people to help support growth and ensure resilience in the face of changes and challenges. The firm’s deep expertise and extensive experience as a procurement recruiter ensures that organizations have the talent they need where supply chains are concerned and can focus on what they do best – building resilient and sustainable supply chains.

Whatever stage of the supply chain you’re looking to recruit for we can help ensure your resources go further.