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2024 USA Salary Survey Report

Posted on January 2024

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As the world navigates geopolitical tensions, high inflation, and rising business costs, it’s never been more crucial for end-to-end supply chain organizations to have the right talent in place. Recognizing the significance of this, DSJ Global recently conducted a survey of 1000 supply chain professionals across the US to uncover their current salaries, bonuses, and benefits packages. The aim is to provide valuable insights into compensation movements and understand the factors driving professionals to seek new career opportunities in the dynamic environment.

Whether you’re a hiring manager or a supply chain expert considering career opportunities for yourself, this report shares valuable insights to guide you in your decision-making, including:

  • The latest data on base salaries, pay increases, and bonuses for supply chain professionals in the US

  • Additional compensation insights on benefits packages, leave, and flexible working

  • Top three push and pull factors for professionals contemplating new career opportunities

Download your copy of the DSJ Global 'USA Salary Survey Report' here: