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  • Flexible working is key to attract and retain talent despite challenges, say DSJ Global experts

    4 months ago

    ​While flexible working has become increasingly popular in recent years, more companies are considering whether they should introduce or continue to allow their employees to work outside of traditional office hours and locations. Can the future be flexible in the supply chain industry, and do organizations need to offer it to attract and retain the best talent? The supply ch...

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  • Interview & Hiring Guidance

    5 months ago

    ​5 essential tips for employers, hiring managers, and HR on the hiring process across the end-to-end supply chainThe interview process, from initial phone call screenings and psychometric testing, to face to face interviews with the hiring manager and onsite tours, can often be a long and laborious process. So it is imperative to keep an interview process streamlined and eng...

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  • The Impact of Flexible Working

    5 months ago

    ​Assessing the adoption of flexible working in the supply chain industrySince its introduction to the masses, flexible working has revolutionized the world of employment. As the demand for supply chain professionals continues to grow worldwide, strategies to facilitate flexible and remote working have become essential in attracting and retaining top-tier talent.For many,...

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  • Finding a company culture that fits

    8 months ago

    For professionals seeking a new job, it’s often factors like salary, the day-to-day of the role itself, and the company brand that are central to the decision process. But each company has its own culture, customs, and values, even if they aren’t clearly defined, and they actually have more of an influence on your productivity, success, and even earnings than might be immedi...

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  • Phaidon International Findings

    9 months ago

    ​As a leading talent partner, we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to hiring trends, and 2022 was no exception. It has never been more important for companies to understand what business-critical professionals are thinking when it comes to making career changes, what compensation they’re after, and what benefits they really desire.We surveyed our vast, global networ...

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  • How to advance your career in supply chain

    11 months ago

    There’s no denying that the supply chain industry is growing at a rapid pace, as demand for products is at an all-time high thanks to significant advances in technology.With this in mind, if you are planning on advancing your career in this highly competitive landscape, it’s crucial that you understand how you can take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. We’ve create...

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