A Recipe for Success: Juanita's Foods and DSJ Global Partnership

Juanita's Foods

DSJ Global partners with exciting clients to secure top end-to-end supply chain talent, allowing them to make an impact in their industries. In particular, DSJ Global has had the privilege of working with Juanita’s Foods to secure top talent for their teams shaping the future of their organization and their supply chain.

Juanita’s Foods has a deep and rich connection to Hispanic culture and artisanal cooking techniques passed down through generations of The De La Torre family. Founded in 1946, Juanita’s Foods continues to be the leading manufacturer of Mexican cuisine because they champion authenticity and innovation. As a company, not only are they heavily involved within the local LA community, but they also foster a professional environment that focuses on camaraderie, loyalty, and professional growth.

At DSJ Global, we have supported Juanita’s Foods with hiring end-to-end supply chain talent during the global pandemic, securing talent for several leadership positions. Through this partnership, the team at DSJ Global have helped source Supply Chain and Operations leaders who are instrumental in driving the organization forward and achieving strategic growth.

View our ‘Business Showcase: A Recipe for Success’ to discover how DSJ Global helped orchestrate the legacy of Juanita’s Foods; a partnership that we look forward to continuing in the future.

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