Beyond Covid-19: Strategies to Future-Proof Supply Chains and Your Business

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A resilient supply chain ensures existence. Today, we are facing an uncertain business environment, driven by climate change, social upheaval, economic downturns, and resource shortages, whose waters have been further disturbed by an unprecedented public health care crisis.  Of course, external risks will always come into the picture, but  Covid-19 has shown that many supply chains lack contingency plans to significant disruptions. The damage caused by these inefficiencies has been felt far and wide across every sector.

How then can companies increase their supply chain resilience? That is, how can companies manage risk, minimize damage, get business-as-usual operations back and running quickly, and respond or even gain a competitive advantage from disruptions?

At a time like this, it is hard to rewrite strategy and harder to have the right people in the right place at the right time, but this is exactly what companies must endeavor to do. While many of us tire from sparring in the talent war, this is the arena where victors will be decided; who will survive or even thrive after the dust has settled.  

“Across all sectors, companies are continuing to hire supply chain talent. For some, they are relying on their ability to revitalize the success of their businesses once offices, manufacturing sites, and distribution centers re-open, or for others, to meet unprecedented demand in the meant time,” says DSJ Global Director, Emily Prendergast. “Supply chain talent is in high demand as all companies are being encouraged to optimize their supply chain strategy in an effort to overcome any negative impact Covid-19 may have on the business long term.”

Discover how you can create a resilient supply chain that will protect your business from future disruption.

Download this guide to discover our top five strategies:

  • Take action and exploit changes

  • Innovate out of a crisis

  • Become less efficient

  • Prepare for the end of globalization

  • Value transparency and sustainability

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