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Webinar: Gender Diversity in Procurement and E2E Supply Chain

Posted on December 2019

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Over 75% of CEO's consider gender diversity to be top priority, according to research by McKinsey & Company, but gender diversity in E2E supply chain is not improving as quickly as it should be. There are still too few women in leadership and business-critical roles. It is essential that this change as failure to improve gender diversity impacts the bottom line of organizations. Study after study demonstrates that diverse companies outperform their less diverse competitors in terms of innovation and financial performance.

DSJ Global recently hosted a webinar series to explore challenges and opportunities in improving gender diversity in procurement and E2E supply chain. In the US, we heard from prominent industry thought-leaders including, Bert Omer, Senior Manager Advisory, Procurement and Supply Chain at EY, Jeff Schmitt, Chief Supply Chain Manager at KIK Custom Products, and Christine Corson, Director at DSJ Global.

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As a global business, we work closely with clients across the globe. We understand that there are cultural and behavioral differences for companies and employees in improving diversity. Check out our APAC version of "Gender Diversity within Procurement & E2E Supply Chain" webinar here.

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