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Ready to Reopen? Help Employees Back to the Office with these Six Steps

Posted on August 2020

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How can I help employees back to the office? It’s a question on many business leaders’ minds as governments urge businesses to reopen their doors to spur economic recovery. Of course, flexibility is key – it’s important that employers in the end-to-end supply chain listen to the needs of their workforce. If they don’t, they risk losing top talent.

Luckily, at DSJ Global, we’ve done the whole ‘return to work’ thing a few times over now. As circumstances and government advice changes, parts of our global workforce has had to retreat back home. For now though, the lion’s share of our end-to-end recruitment specialists are safely back in the office.

How have we managed this transition so smoothly without compromising the wellbeing of our people? Prepare to REOPEN with these six simple steps.

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