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Recruitment Trends in Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Posted on December 2020 By Sasha Schuster

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When COVID-19 first emerged in China in late 2019 and early 2020, the manufacturing process was flipped on its head. Many players in the manufacturing industry took a massive hit during this time. One of the major manufacturing industries that was specifically affected was the Automotive Industry - and more specifically the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. Beginning with the shutdown of their overseas suppliers in Asia, it pushed back the entire production pipeline. This setback, along with having to shut down all manufacturing facilities during the lockdowns, proved to be a hurdle for the industry. From larger established players to startup companies, this was a difficult problem to manage across the industry.

Yet amidst these challenges, there has been sheer perseverance and adaptive thinking by these cutting-edge manufacturers. With the recent support of government sustainability initiatives, global consumer consensus shifting more favorably, and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and abroad finding COVID-friendly processes, there has been a rapid turnaround and growing demand for the EV industry, and in turn EV talent.

Top Skillsets in Demand

Companies who have risen to the challenge of adapting to remote work and kept progress with their production timeline have been rapidly expanding. One hiring trends we have seen is the general demand for an engineering background, whether it be electrical, mechanical, or chemical.

Supply Chain and Procurement leaders have been instrumental in the success or failure of the sustainability of organizations through the pandemic. Sourcing has transformed to being almost exclusively strategic versus tactical within this vertical. As technology becomes more integrated in our own lives, we are seeing an uptick in the importance of infotainment and candidates with this relevant experience. Engineering experience with the for niche skills such as commodities powertrain, battery, sensors, and cameras have been in high demand.

The combination of consumer Electric Vehicles along with the rise of the Autonomous vehicle is transforming the future landscape of transportation. Software and hardware working cross-functionally is a trend we are seeing more and more. Along with Battery Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is booming. This rapidly growing sector of renewable energy is an area where there will be a continued demand for talent.

Looking Ahead to 2021

Looking to 2021, the industry looks extremely promising from a market perspective. The shift towards sustainability in the Automotive and the rise of the Electric Vehicle will require top talent who can think strategically about future of transportation in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment.

If you are looking to grow your team in this space, or are interested in discussing these market trends, get in touch with the DSJ Global team today.

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