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Talent Trends in Technical Operations Recruitment

Posted on December 2020 By Shea McCracken

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Demand for Talent in 2021

After looking at the employment rate from February 2020, it has helped determine where employment within Supply Chain, specifically Technical Operations, has been affected the most going into 2021. Cities and metros that are within 2-5% of that employment rate today are considered healthy, and we will see them move from recovery mode during the pandemic to expansion once again. Cities that are currently at 10% or more compared to their employment rate number from February 2020, are the areas that need the help of recruiters and extra hands on deck to secure top talent. These areas are likely to have a high volume of resumes flooding in due to unemployment rates, and companies may have a tougher time identifying the top talent from the influx of active candidates.

Effects on Hiring Processes

What do these geographic and employment trends mean for hiring processes in 2021? First, virtually recruiting and remote workers are the new norm for the foreseeable future. This may be a tough concept to adapt to for some Technical Operations teams – most of these roles sit in plants which requires hands-on work. However, companies have managed to incorporate a lot of these manufacturing roles to be remote from a corporate strategy side and just keep a smaller amount of essential workers on the floor. This helps speed up interviewing processes, alleviates relocation difficulties, and is attractive to those candidates who seek flexibility and work-from-home options.

Diversity & Inclusion in Technical Operations

Along the challenges faced last year related to COVID-19, firms also had to reflect on the need to create more diverse teams. The manufacturing sector in particular tends to lack diversity, and this will be a continued area of focus for many companies and executive leadership teams in the industry for the next several years. Diversity is a business-critical imperative, and teams that are more diverse perform better than their less diverse counterparts. Specialist recruiters can play an important part in helping to solve these challenges. Recruiters can advise on best practices and work with clients on their initiatives to build more diverse teams. DSJ Global aims to be a long-term talent partner for our clients and are empathetic to the challenges they face both within their organizations and the wider world.

The Hiring Landscape

Overall, COVID-19 has affected the world of recruiting for Supply Chain and the landscape for hiring within companies, large and small. DSJ Global has helped clients to navigate this landscape in the best way possible, helping teams to adapt as circumstances have changed continuously. In 2021, hiring remains a key priority for Technical Operations teams, and DSJ Global will continue supporting clients in securing exceptional talent for their organizations. Get in touch to learn more about these industry trends, or to discuss hiring needs in the year ahead.

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