Defining Work-Life Balance: A Historical Perspective

For most of human history, ‘work’ and ‘life’ were not conceptually distinct. From hunter-gathering to subsistence farming, the entire family unit would generally be involved in labor, and the demands of that labor would determine where they lived and what shape their days took on.

This all changed with the industrial revolution, when the world of work was dislodged from domestic life, and the notion that the two spheres were fundamentally different first took hold.

In our new report, "The Work-Life Rebalance", we are starting off by taking a look back and exploring the history of work-life balance throughout the ages. Specifically, the first chapter will explore: 

  • Why we need to rethink work-life balance

  • How the industrial revolution created the paradigm of work-life balance

  • The evolution of the 9-to-5 work week

  • How companies can shape the future of work-life balance

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  • ​The Full Report Covers:

  • Chapter 1: A Historical Perspective on Work-Life Balance

  • Chapter 2: How Work-Life Balance Could Be Restored

  • Chapter 3: How Changes to Work Will Affect the Wider World

  • Chapter 4: Three Models of ‘Work-Life Balance’ for the New Normal