International Women's Day 2020

​International Women’s Day provides an opportunity for us to bring attention to a topic that affects not only women, but all other people. The theme for IWD in 2020 was #EachforEqual, which emphasizes how we can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight biases, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements

As we reflect back on International Women's Day, it is important for us to remember why we celebrate this day in the first place. An #equal world is an #enabled world. We have the power to take action for equality and raise awareness against bias whether it be inside or outside the workplace.

Coffee & Conversation

5th March 2020

We held a Q&A session where our employees could connect with senior colleagues, hear about their career journeys at DSJ Global and learn some interesting insights around IWD and how we can influence our clients’ hiring strategies.

External speaker & workshop

6th March 2020

Guest speaker Gill Thomas from ENEI hosted a workshop designed for all senior employees managing teams, brands and functions. The session covered the business case for inclusion and diversity and the role leaders play in promoting an inclusive workplace.

Lunch & Learn Workshop

The theme of this workshop was around recognizing unconscious bias. Unconscious bias can unknowingly be having an impact on our hiring process. This workshop by our internal Learning & Development team focused on highlighting the things we are unconsciously applying to business and our personal interactions.

  • Are we making sourcing hard for ourselves due to unconscious bias?

  • Can we help educate our customers to improve decision making?

  • Can we help to support and facilitate diversity going forward?

  • Leadership Interviews

We interviewed the senior leaders in our business & asked them what role can recruitment play in creating a gender-balanced workforce throughout the financial services industry.

  • See what our leaders said:

Andrew Arcuri

Andrew Arcuri, Vice President - Engineering and Manufacturing at DSJ Global

Andrew McNeilis

Andrew McNeilis, Managing Director, APAC at Phaidon International APAC

Stephanie Barner

Stephanie Barner, Recruitment Consultant - Procurement & Sourcing at DSJ Global

Katherine Ward

​Katherine Ward, Principal Consultant - Supply Chain & Operations at DSJ Global