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Logistics Recruiter

Logistics is a complex and fast-moving sector that is going through a process of constant change. Influences, from technology through to economic and political shifts, are completely transforming the way that organizations need to operate. People are at the heart of ensuring that businesses are able to cope with this - strong and resilient teams with the expertise and optimism to cope with change are essential in these unprecedented times. DSJ Global is a logistics recruiter with extensive experience in supporting organizations when it comes securing top talent for logistics and supply chain teams. Finding the right people has never been more important and the right logistics recruiter can make this simple.

Working across the logistics industry

DSJ Global consultants operate from global hubs all over the world, ensuring that the firm is a logistics recruiter with broad international reach. Logistics is an industry that reaches across borders and global connections can be essential to leveraging a global network of professionals. Established in 2008, DSJ Global has worked with leading logistics teams, helping to ensure that the hiring process is straightforward and productive when it comes to finding the right people for key roles. DSJ Global’s sector coverage is broad and extends across a wide range of different areas in logistics and operations, including warehousing and distribution, transportation, trade compliance, import and export and customs clearance.

Solving the key challenge of talent

As a leading logistics recruiter, DSJ Global works with a range of contract, permanent and multi-hire solutions, ensuring that clients have flexible options when it comes to the workforce resources. Solving the key challenge of talent in logistics requires deep experience of the sector as well as an understanding of the best way to make recruitment connections that will last. The firm is dedicated to reimagining the hiring process in order to achieve this, shifting the focus onto information and insight so that genuinely clear-sighted decisions are being made by all those involved.

An international logistics recruiter

DSJ Global is part of the Phaidon International group and is the recruitment partner of choice for logistics and supply chain teams around the world. The firm has also spent more than a decade establishing connections at key organizations globally and building a database of exceptionally talented candidates with skills and experience to meet business-critical logistics hiring needs. Being at the center of such an extensive network - and able to connect on an international level - has made the firm a first choice logistics recruiter for those individuals and organizations that recognize the huge advantages that this level of resources can bring.

Being an effective logistics recruiter requires extensive networks and the vision and focus to make talent acquisition a streamlined and productive process. DSJ Global is one of the leaders in this field and a potentially transformative recruitment partner for your business.