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Manufacturing Recruiter

DSJ Global is a manufacturing recruiter with a focus on streamlining the process of talent acquisition. For many organizations, this remains one of the market’s most significant challenges and one that can make or break growth and progress. For businesses in this field, working with a specialist manufacturing recruiter can mean the difference between time consuming recruitment that is not always on target and swift, precise hiring that yields positive outcomes. The firm has worked with individuals and organizations across the manufacturing sector since 2008 and is now one of the leading recruiters in this field.

Specialist recruitment for a specialist field

As a leading manufacturing recruiter, DSJ Global has extensive knowledge of the necessity of efficient and accurate talent acquisition, especially in the current economic climate. The firm has worked with businesses across the industry, catering to the specific need to build effective teams able to exploit opportunities and create room for growth, as well as survive challenges and change. Reimagining the process of recruitment to make it more suitable for this sector is one of the reasons why the firm has become a leading manufacturing recruiter. The focus is not just on making connections but making the right connections, providing both individuals and organizations with all the information and support necessary to make the best decisions for their teams and careers.

DSJ Global - an international team

An international perspective is essential for any effective manufacturing recruiter today, and this is a key element of the DSJ Global approach. Consultants work from offices in global hubs all over the world and the firm is able to draw on resources from a range of different locations. DSJ Global is also part of the Phaidon International group – making DSJ Global the go-to manufacturing recruitment partner for many of the world’s leading companies. In additional to an extensive range of client connections, the firm has nurtured a database of exceptional candidates with the skills and expertise to fill the key roles where there is a business-critical need today.

Putting people first

The recruitment industry is all about recognizing the value of people and how this impacts the bottom line. DSJ Global invests heavily in its own team, from the ongoing training that consultants receive at all levels to the best-in-class technology that is made available across the business to ensure that support is tech-driven and cutting edge. The enthusiastic and expert workforce at DSJ Global supports clients across the sector in effective talent acquisition and ensuring that businesses can stay ahead. A range of permanent, contract and multi-hire solutions provide options for all needs and deliver choice for organizations looking to optimize its talent acquisition strategy.

DSJ Global is a leading manufacturing recruiter with deep expertise and a commitment to the highest standards of service when it comes to supporting organizations with hiring. The firm is a key partner for businesses in need of great people and an obvious choice for organizations looking to build excellence and resilience through effective talent acquisition.