More Confident in Future Job Market than Current

Our recent Job Confidence Index explored the sentiments of 650+ supply chain professionals globally. One key finding revealed that only 28% of U.S supply chain professionals feel positive towards the current job market. However, 43% of U.S supply chain professionals are confident in the future job market, and are the most confident compared to the other regions.

"Candidates may have a negative view in the short term because supply chain systems may have taken a pause as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. However, there is no way that businesses can survive without them. Professionals within this space know their importance in helping businesses operate and should recognize that things will quickly ramp up again once Covid-19 related restrictions lighten up."

-Jack Trudeau, Executive Director, Preferred Partnership Program, North America

The Job Confidence Index explores the mindset supply chain professionals across the world, sharing detailed findings on the current and future job market, as well as further insights on economic outlook, compensation and bonuses, job satisfaction and security, career motivations, relocation  and more.

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